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Photos for Warmth, Care & Hunger Projects

Because Warmth, Care & Hunger projects can be especially sensitive, there might be times when the usual photo guidelines don’t cut it - either you, your students, or your students’ parents might not be comfortable sharing photos. So along with our normal tips, here are some extra ideas for how to take great photos for a Warmth, Care & Hunger project.

Taking photos from behind keeps students’ faces out of the photo entirely - with or without that fashionable hood!

To reduce the possibility of any one student being identified, you can also take your pictures from a distance, which helps obscure individual faces.

Or you can take obscuring faces one step further, and use your materials themselves as barriers!

Removing your students from the photo entirely works too - there are lots of creative ways to get your “thank you” message across!

And when all else fails, pictures of your materials on their own, ready and primed to improve your students’ lives, can do in a pinch!