Half-Off on Sports projects from ESPN

Update 11/16/16: Funding for this opportunity has fully spent out on eligible requests.  We'll update this page if any further funding becomes available.


ESPN wants to help provide students with access to sports in schools across the country! Sports participation is a critical catalyst for educational success; it's been shown to improve academic performance, cognitive skills, educational aspirations and educational achievement.  Qualifying sports and fitness projects can receive half-off their total project goal from ESPN.

Here's how to qualify:

  • Create a Standard project that requests resources or experiences that give your students the opportunity to play sports while they learn!  
  • Resources requested must help your students play a specific sport.  Broad fitness-related materials (such as clothing, jump ropes, or beanbags) may not qualify.
  • This offer will not support stability balls, active seating, or technology like fitbits or fitness trackers.
  • Select a “Health & Sports” subject area (Health & Wellness, Nutrition, Gym & Fitness, or Team Sports)
  • Project does not need to support an extra-curricular team--it can be for PE, recess, or something else!  As long as the equipment you request get your students playing a sport, you have a good shot at qualifying.

 Create your project

Projects that meet the above criteria will be considered for this offer by the team working with ESPN within about 2 weeks.  This opportunity will last while funding remains.