Silicon Schools Classroom Funding for Personalized Learning

Update 11/2/16: All of the 30 additional signups have been claimed!  We'll update this page if any additional funding becomes available.


This summer, Bay Area teachers have the chance to engage in 6 hours of free, high quality online training about incorporating digital learning in your classroom. Thanks to funding from Silicon Schools Fund, you’ll also be able to earn up to $1,500 in funding for completing this professional development! And if 3 or more teachers at your school complete this training, your school will be invited to apply for up to $20,000 in new technology devices to expand this initiative school-wide.  


Here’s how it works

  1. Confirm you are in one of the following CA counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, Napa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Albany, Santa Clara, Solano, or Sonoma

  2. Sign up by filling out this 5-minute pre-survey.

  3. Explore these three online course options:
    • Coursera: (6-8 hours; all self-paced, online) In this course you will explore the different models of blended learning and dive into key issues that impact students, teachers, and schools. Specifically, you will look at these issues through the lens of three high-performing schools that each use a different type of blended learning. If you are interested in learning more about how to best leverage technology in education and rethink the way we run schools, join this MOOC  Become a part of this growing movement and learn first-hand how blended learning can help provide students a more personalized learning experience.
    • Mastery Design: (8-12 hours; mostly online with small group coaching) The Personalized Learning Explorer course is a 6-objective, mastery based course on the basics of personalized learning (PL). Participants will independently complete online tasks that deepen their understanding of PL principles as well as complete in-person team activities that develop select PL practice skills. The course itself is truly personalized by allowing participants to pick their own learning path, work at their own pace, and receive live support on demand.
    • Relay: (6-8 hours; all self-paced, online) Learners have the opportunity to select from one of four different options based on experience and interest with blended/personalized learning. This highly acclaimed set of modules from Relay Graduate School of Education takes you through examples and concrete strategies on how to progress on your journey of personalizing your classroom. Choose from either (1) Beginning to Blend; (2) Rolling out Blended; (3) Teaching each Student; or (4) Extending Your Blending.
  4. Pick the course that most interests you and complete it over the next few weeks.  All three courses are 6-12 hours long and self-paced, which means you can work on them whenever works best for your schedule.
  5. After you finish your course, fill out this Integration Report on how you’ll implement the strategies you learned in your classroom by November 15, 2016.  (As part of this report, you’ll be asked to upload a screenshot of the completion confirmation from your course website.)
  6. The sooner you complete the course and the report, the better your chances of receiving this funding!  We’ll update this page if at any point we anticipate funds running short.
  7. If you complete both the online course and the report while funds are still available, we’ll email you a $1500 gift code by November 30,  2016.  You can spend this gift code on new technology for your classroom!  Although you can complete as many courses as you'd like, we can only provide one gift card reward per teacher.
  8. After the first phase of the training is complete, schools where three or more teachers have completed both the online course and report will automatically be considered for a $20,000 Silicon Schools Fund school-wide technology grant. will notify the grant awardees by the end of the school year.


Happy Learning!