Reddit Gifts for the Teachers

This year, Reddit is teaming up with for their annual Reddit Gifts for the Teachers event! Redditors can choose a public school classroom project on and give any amount to help that project reach its funding goal.

When a project is fully funded, will order and ship all items to the school directly. After the project takes place, you’ll hear back from the classroom through notes and photos from the teacher.

How do I participate?
It’s easy!

  1. Visit the Reddit Gifts for the Teachers page
  2. Click the support a teacher link on Reddit to reach their special page
  3. Choose a subject area you’d like to support
  4. Choose any project(s) listed on that page, and enter the amount you’d like to donate
  5. Proceed through checkout

What classrooms can I support? serves K-12 public schools in the US. You’ll find a selection of great projects to support through the Reddit Gifts for the Teachers page and can choose from any of them.

If you know a K-12 US public school teacher who wants to get involved, they should register for a account to post their first project. Projects are not guaranteed to be featured on the Reddit Gifts giving page, new projects are being cycled onto the page every day and every project on has a chance to be featured.