Double Your Impact on environmental science projects, thanks to Tom’s of Maine

Update 9/24/17: All available funding for this opportunity has been applied to eligible projects. We are so excited to see all of the amazing projects that will give students a chance to explore environmental science concepts thanks in part to Tom's of Maine. We'll update this page if any additional funding becomes available!


The Tom’s of Maine Green Your School Fund is committed to taking care of the planet for kids today and generations to come.  With this Double Your Impact match offer, they’re excited to support curious future environmental scientists in classrooms across the country!  Qualifying projects that teach about sustainability, environmental consciousness, and the science of our environment posted after May 1 can receive matched donations from Tom’s of Maine.

Here’s how to qualify:

  • Create a Standard project that explores environmental science concepts (the more hands-on, the better--see below for some great project inspiration!)
  • Describe how your project will help you teach about environmental science (extra credit for shouting out Tom’s of Maine in your essay!)
  • Keep your total project goal under $2000
  • Select Environmental Science as your subject category


If your project meets the criteria above and was posted after May 1, you’ll see the match offer appear as soon as your project is live.  

Need inspiration? Here are some of our favorite examples of environmental science in the classroom: