Creating a Professional Development Project for the Computer Science (CS) for All Community Giving Opportunity

Update 7/19/17: Registration for all programs is now complete! 

Infosys Foundation USA, the National Science Foundation and Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) are proud to support teachers everywhere to bring greater access and inclusion in computer science education. This year, they're helping 6th-12th grade public school teachers bring new computer science (CS) skills to their classrooms. Beginners in CS are welcome and encouraged to create projects for these programs! Be sure to get your principal support for these PD Programs; you’ll need their sign off once your project is fully funded to register for your program.Professional Development project requests for one of the computer science programs below will receive a match offer from Infosys Foundation USA, while funds last.

Teachers whose projects are fully funded and participate in one of the programs below will also receive a stipend from CSTA approximately one month after the program ends, which will be declared on a W-9 next season.

Learn all about the professional development providers: BootstrapUTeach Computer Science, Beauty and Joy of ComputingExploring Computer Science, and Mobile CSP.  If you don’t see the session you are looking for available through, please contact the PD provider directly for further information about additional programs.

Click the providers below to see program dates, times, and pricing:

Here's how to qualify:

1. Make sure you're listed as a middle or high school teacher on

2. Review the professional development options above to find the program in your local area that best suits your students' needs. When you find the best local program for your schedule (this match offer does not apply to travel or hotel costs), click the link provided to learn more and download a price quote from the provider. You’ll need this price quote to submit a project.  

3. Once you’ve received your price quote, sign into your account (New to us? Register) and create a Teacher Development Trip project (see image below). And if you are unable to submit a project because of points needed, contact the team and let us know you're trying to submit a project for the computer science PD opportunity. 


4. Our system will walk you through entering your trip information and uploading your price quote. Then, you’ll answer 2 essay questions. Things to know when creating your project:

    • Use the date of the conference you selected as your trip date.
    • To qualify for this match offer, only request funding for what’s listed on the price quote provided by your selected professional development provider. (The price quote will include the cost of the session and a teacher stipend.)
    • Be sure to mention the stipend from your program in your project essay.
    • Projects requesting reimbursement for travel, food, or lodging, will not qualify for this match offer.

Create your project

You’ll see the Infosys Foundation USA match offer applied to your project as soon as it's approved, and new donations will be matched right away.  Share your project with friends and family to give your project the best chance of success, and check our our favorite fundraising tips for inspiration.

What happens when your project is fully funded:

  • The CSTA team will help you register for your PD Program and email you an invoice to upload through your account.
  • Complete your required W-9 and Principal approval letter to register for your PD Program
  • Upload your invoice and complete the payment form on your account so we can pay for your project
  • After your payment is approved, the CSTA team will provide you with additional details about the PD program, and when to expect your stipend.

At the conference and after:

  • Snap some pictures while you're there so you can share them with your donors, or if you’re taking an online program, make sure to take some photos when you get to implement your new CS chops in the classroom! Here are some other tips to help you complete your Thank-You package.
  • You'll be sent a stipend in accordance with your program about a month after the program ends. You'll need to fill out a W-9 for next year's taxes.  
  • You’ll receive your 1099 from the CSTA team in January 2018.