Warby Parker Pupils Project Pilot

Update 4/13/17: We're no longer accepting submissions for the 2016-2017 school year. Thanks to our friends at National Eye Care, Warby Parker, and schools across NYC, hundreds of students can see clearly!


Warby Parker Pupils Project Pilot

We’re continuing our pilot with Warby Parker and National Eye Care for NYC teachers to request optometry services for their 3rd–8th grade students. An optometrist from National Eye Care  will visit the school to perform eye exams and follow up with fittings for students who need glasses. The doctor will be joined by 2 Warby Parker associates.  Bonus: Warby Parker will be providing stylish glasses for up to 30 students who need them! This program provides teachers the unique opportunity to work with colleagues to select 3rd–12th grade students in need of eye care outside of their immediate classrooms. Remember to get approval from your administration first before submitting this project. Eligible projects will qualify for a double your impact match offer from Warby Parker.

 Here’s a bird’s eye view of what you can get from this campaign:

  • Matched donations from Warby Parker to qualifying projects
  • Eye exams for up to 30 students
  • Fittings for students who need glasses provided by Warby Parker. Iris my case!

Here’s how to create a qualifying project:

  • Make sure you’re listed as a 3rd–12th grade teacher in a NYC public school
  • Create a new class visitor project
  • In the “what” step for your project:
      • Add the visitor name as National Eye Care
      • List the expertise as Optometry
      • Upload this price quote (no longer available)
  • Select “Warmth, Care & Hunger” for your project subject area

Create your project

Eligible projects will see the match offer on the project page within one week.  Once approved, spread the word about your project to increase your project’s chance of being fully funded.  Once your project is fully funded, see the resources below for extra support.


After your Warby Parker Pupils Project is funded:

  1. Once you’ve confirmed funding your project, a representative from National Eye Care (NEC) will email you an invoice and a short survey to plan your eye exam.
  2. NEC will email you to confirm the date of your optometrist visit two business days after your payment documents are approved, and your survey from NEC is completed.
  3. For those students who may need glasses, you’ll help your students select a fun pair of glasses and bring all eye records to the school nurse.
  4. Your student glasses will be mailed to your school in 2-3 weeks. NEC will email you the shipping information when it’s available.
  5. Once your glasses are on their way, NEC will schedule a fitting for those students. This email will include follow-up materials for parents about how to care for the glasses.


Additional info about creating a Pupils Project

How many students can participate?

Each project can include up to 30 students. If you have less than 30 students participating, you'll still need to use the 30 student price quote. For more than 30 students  please create two separate projects for two separate school visits with National Eye Care.

Great, how do I explain this to parents?

We’ve created a parent letter (in Spanish too!) that you can share with your students’ parents to explain your project. This includes important information about how to opt out of student screenings and reminders that there are no make up screenings.

We’ve also created resources to help you tell parents about your students’ vision check:

I still have some questions about how this all works. Can you help?

Eye eye, captain!  Contact us and mention that you’re creating a Pupils Project.  We’re happy to clarify!


How to have a 20/20 Vision Day 

How long will the Vision Day and Fitting Visit take?

  • Vision Day: Your school’s Vision Day should take about 3-5 hours depending on the number of students. This includes screening, providing comprehensive eye exams, and helping students select frames.
  • Fitting Visit: To distribute, fit, and adjust the frames, we estimate it’ll take 1 hour depending on the number of students

Do I need any resources to plan my Vision Day?

The optometrist will need a few materials to make your Vision Day a success. We’ve included a short checklist for you below:

  • 10' x 20' x 5' testing lane
  • 2 chairs (if possible, 1 rolling and 1 stationary)
  • 1 sturdy table
  • 3-4 chairs for waiting students
  • 1 table for student eyeglasses set-up and selection

What if a student misses Vision Day or their glasses fitting?

If a student misses Vision Day, s/he will not be able to make it up. Please help your students with reminders so they can make sure they’re at school the day of the optometrist’s visit.

Students who are absent on the day the glasses are fitted will still receive the eyeglasses, and may bring their glasses to a Warby Parker store for a free fitting. Many local optical stores will do a free fitting as well.

What happens if a pair of glasses break?

Warby Parker cannot replace glasses that have been broken or lost. Feel free to contact an optical shop in your neighborhood to explore repair or replacement options.   Remember that your school nurse will have a copy of the prescription, which the nurse can definitely share with students’ parents.

Who should I contact if I have questions about my school visit or students’ glasses?

Please email Dana from National Eye Care at dbaker@nationaleyecare.com. You’ll receive a response within two business days. If you have questions about your project or fundraising, contact us!