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How it works: Flash Funding

To support classrooms in a specific community, a generous supporter sometimes funds every project in a given area, whether it’s a city, county, or state. We call this a “flash funding,” because it happens all at once. One second, your project is posted and waiting for donations; the next, your project has reached its goal!

How it works:

  1. Funding is applied to all posted projects in the area chosen by the donor.
  2. If one of your projects qualifies, funding will be applied automatically.
  3. You’ll get an email alerting you to the news that your project has been fully funded, outlining next steps.

How can my project qualify for a flash funding?
The generous classroom supporters behind a flash funding opportunity determine the specific communities with projects they’d like to support. If your project is in that community, then your project qualifies for that flash funding. Funding will be applied automatically to your project--no waiting.

Keep in mind that funding can only be applied to posted projects that have already been reviewed by our team of teacher volunteers at the time that funding is applied. Projects in draft or under review are not eligible for flash funding.

How can I know about a flash funding before it occurs?
Donors who support flash fundings pledge to support all the projects that are on the site at a specific moment in time. Because they’ve made that pledge based on the projects already posted, we can’t advertise a flash funding before it occurs. Sorry about that! But we know that flash funding tends to grab media attention. If you’re posting a project after a flash funding, why not use it to your advantage when rallying your community to support your project? “Be my project’s Stephen Colbert” sounds like a solid fundraising tagline to us.

I think my project should have been flash funded, but I’m not seeing funding on my project. What should I do?
Contact us with your project information. We’re happy to take a look!

How can I thank the donor who flash funded my project?
Now's a great time to make sure your Thank-You Package really shows your donor how much their support means to you and your kids. Check out our guide to creating a great Thank-You Package for tips for success when it comes to your impact letter, student photos, and student thank-yous.

To get a sense of how your kids’ photos and writing can really stand head and shoulders above the rest, check out these examples of awesome student photos and these stellar student thank-you notes.