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Shareable images to spread the word about your project

Looking for a new way to share your projects? Amp up your emails and make your Facebook posts pop with the help of our shareable images, ready to help you fundraise, thank donors, celebrate new materials, or just raise awareness of your classroom. Share them out, far and wide!

How do I share them?

These can be part of your Facebook and Twitter updates or could make for some new Pinterest and Instagram posts. Feel free to add them into emails, too, for some extra attention-grabbing magic.

Need a hand? To share one of these images in a Facebook post:

  1. Right-click on an image below and click "Save to desktop." (Alternately, drag it to your desktop.)
  2. When you're on your Facebook profile page, click "Photo/video." Choose the photo that you've saved to your desktop.
  3. Add any extra text to help rally people to your project. Don't forget the link to your project or teacher profile page!

To share one of these images in an email:

  1. Right-click on an image below and click "Save to desktop." (Alternately, drag the image to your desktop.)
  2. Draft an email to your friends and family, letting them know about your new project. Not sure what to include in the email? Take a look at our email templates to get started.
  3. Add the image you'd like to accompany your email. Try it as a header or beneath your signature! 

What images can I choose from?

We have the whole selection in this Google folder. Or you can check them out directly here!