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How is my profile photo different from my classroom photo?

To help donors know what your classroom is all about, you have two photos which can appear on your projects: your classroom photo and your profile photo.

Not quite sure how they're different? Here's some information to help out!

Your classroom photo...

Your profile photo...

  • is recommended, but not required.
  • appears as a small icon on all of your activity around the site.
  • features your smiling, professional face.
  • should follow our profile photo guidelines.

Want to see how that will appear on your projects? Check out these examples:

Ms. Dinkel chose a photo of her band students before a performance for her classroom photo, and a photo of her smiling face for her profile photo. Here's how that appeared on her new project:

Mr. Armstead showed his ROTC students for his classroom photo and took a picture of himself for his profile photo. Here's how that appeared on his project:

Looking sharp, you two!