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Shop for Warmth, Care & Hunger Products

This guide will help you shop for resources that meet your students’ most basic needs and allow them to focus more fully in the classroom.  

Want to know more about this project type?  Check out our guide to Warmth, Care & Hunger projects.


Recommended Vendor(s): Grainger,, Staples Advantage & Amazon Business

Blankets & Bed Sheets: Grainger,, Staples Advantage, Amazon Business, Kaplan Early Learning

Pillows: Grainger, Staples Advantage, Amazon Business

Sleeping Bags: Grainger, Staples Advantage, Amazon Business

Clothing (also see Winter Apparel)

Recommended Vendor(s): Grainger, Amazon Business

Bras: Amazon Business

Collared Shirts: Grainger, (adult sizes), Amazon Business

School Uniforms: Amazon Business

Shorts & Pants: Grainger, Amazon Business

Sneakers: Grainger, Amazon Business

Socks: Grainger,, Amazon Business

Sweatshirts: Grainger, Amazon Business

T-shirts & Long Sleeve Shirts: Grainger, School Specialty, Staples Advantage, Amazon Business

Underwear: Amazon Business

First Aid/Safety Materials

Recommended Vendor(s): Grainger, Staples Advantage, & Kaplan Early Learning

Band-Aids & Bandages: Grainger, School Specialty, Staples Advantage,, Kaplan Early Learning

Combination & Key Locks: Grainger, Staples Advantage,

Cotton Balls: Staples Advantage,

Disposable Gloves: Grainger, Staples Advantage,

Ear Plugs: Staples Advantage,

Eye Drops & Contact Care: GraingerStaples Advantage,

Facial Tissues: Grainger, Staples Advantage,

First Aid Kits & Supplies: Grainger, School Specialty, Staples Advantage,, Kaplan Early Learning

Ice Packs: Grainger, Staples Advantage

Medication (Advil, Antacids, etc.): Grainger, Staples Advantage,

Ointments: Grainger, Staples Advantage,

Safety Whistle: Staples Advantage,

Thermometer: Grainger, Staples Advantage,

Food (Shelf Stable)

Recommended Vendor(s):, Staples Advantage & School Specialty

Use Staples Advantage's teacher lists and's bulk shopping to get the food essentials needed to make sure your students are fighting math problems, not hunger.

Bars: Staples Advantage,

  • Includes - Granola, cereal, nutrition, and nut bars (Clif, Kashi, KIND, Lara, Luna, Nature’s Valley, Nutri-Grain, etc.)

Beverages: Staples Advantage,

  • Includes - Milk, Juice, Tea, Water, Hot Chocolate

Breakfast: School Specialty, Staples Advantage,

  • Includes - Cereal, Oatmeal, Pop-tarts, Granola, Oats

Lunch/Dinner: Staples Advantage,

  • Includes - Soup, Noodles, Mac and Cheese, Pasta Entrees, Tuna, Chicken Salad, Chili, GoPicnic Ready-to-Eat Meals

Paper Plates & Cups: Staples Advantage,

Plastic Utensils: Staples Advantage,

Snacks: School Specialty, Staples Advantage,

  • Includes - Baked Chips, Pretzels, Popcorn, Nuts, Beef Jerky, Fruit Cups, Applesauce, Pudding, Fruit Snacks, Trail/Snack Mix, Cookies, Crackers

Laundry & Cleaning Products

Recommended Vendor(s): Grainger,, & Staples Advantage

Clothes Drying Rack & Hangers:, Staples Advantage

Fabric Softener/Dryer Sheets:, Staples Advantage

Irons:, Staples Advantage 

Laundry Bags: Grainger,, Staples Advantage

Laundry Detergent & Stain Remover: Grainger, Staples Advantage,

Washing Machines:, Staples Advantage

Personal Care & Hygiene Products

Recommended Vendor(s): Grainger, Staples Advantage &

Baby Wipes: Teachers' School Supply, Staples Advantage, Amazon Business

Bath Towels, Wash Cloths & Robes: Grainger,, Staples Advantage, Amazon Business

Body Wash/Soap: Staples Advantage,

Body Wipes: Staples Advantage

Dental Floss: Staples Advantage,

Deodorant & Antiperspirants: Staples Advantage,

Diapers (Adult and Baby):, Staples Advantage, Amazon Business

Dietary Supplements:, Staples Advantage

Eye Drops & Contact Care:, Staples Advantage

Feminine Products (Tampons & Pads): School Specialty, Staples Advantage,

Glucose Monitoring Tests:

Hair Brushes/Combs/Picks:, Staples Advantage

Hair Dryers:, Staples Advantage

Hair Ties/Elastics: Amazon Business

Hand Soap:, Staples Advantage

Lice Shampoo/Needs: Staples Advantage,, School Specialty

Lip Balm/Chapstick: Staples Advantage,

Lotions, Creams & Ointments: Grainger, Staples Advantage,

Mouthwash: Staples Advantage,

Nail Clippers/Files: Staples Advantage,

Razors, Shaving Cream & After Shave: Staples Advantage,

Shampoo & Conditioner: Staples Advantage,

Shower Curtains: Grainger, Staples Advantage,

Sunscreen: Staples Advantage,

Toothbrushes & Toothpaste: School Specialty, Staples Advantage,, Kaplan Early Learning

Toothbrush Timer: Staples Advantage, Teachers' School Supply, Kaplan Early Learning

Winter Apparel & Weather Gear

Recommended Vendor(s): Grainger

Gloves: Grainger,, Amazon Business

Handwarmers: Grainger, Amazon Business

Jackets/Coats: Grainger, Staples Advantage, Amazon Business

Knit Hats & Earwarmers: Grainger, Amazon Business

Rain Jackets & Ponchos: Grainger, Staples Advantage,

Scarves & Gaiters: Amazon Business

Snow Pants: Amazon Business

Sweatshirts: Grainger, Amazon Business

Thermal Shirts & Underwear: Grainger, Amazon Business

Umbrellas: Grainger,, Staples Advantage

Winter Boots: Grainger, Amazon Business