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How it works: Innovation Challenges

Innovation Challenges encourage teachers to post their most innovative project ideas. They are typically structured in three phases:

  • Submit innovative project ideas: Teachers post their most innovative ideas around select subjects. Eligible projects can sometimes qualify for a match offer.
  • Find the best projects: In the second phase, we identify the best of these projects, through either public voting or expert grading. Winning teachers receive prizes in the form of gift cards to make their classroom dreams a reality.
  • Replicate the winners: In phase 3, we focus on amplifying the impact of these best-in-class projects. To ensure that these best of those classroom ideas spread to other teachers and schools across the country, we’ll announce the winners and encourage teachers to implement one of the winning project ideas in their own classrooms.  This phase doesn't happen every time.

How do I submit a project for an Innovation Challenge? 
To be considered, teachers should enter the campaign code associated with that Innovation Challenge when they create their project and follow the eligibility criteria for that specific challenge. Every Challenge has a specific code and other eligibility criteria, so be sure to learn more about a specific Challenge before submitting a project.