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Supporting student-led projects on

What are student-led projects? 
We're inviting students to team up with their teachers and request materials and experiences for student initiatives at their school. It’s another way we hope to help students and teachers access resources and educational opportunities they need.

Who is behind the student-led projects on the website?
Students who are age 13+ and in 7-12 grade at a U.S. public or charter school will be eligible to participate. All students must work with a teacher who is registered on to create their projects. 

How are students involved?
Students will develop the idea, brainstorm what materials they need to make their project possible, and write an essay explaining the goals of their project. Teachers will be in charge of submitting the project on their students’ behalf.

How can I support a student-led project?
On the search page, use the filter to select student-led projects. After the project is complete, donors will hear back from the students they supported through digital photos and thank-you's.

How do you ensure student privacy?
Students are never asked to share personal information since projects are only submitted through a teacher’s account. Each project is reviewed by to ensure that no sensitive or identifying information about students is included in the essay, and we’ve developed guidelines for teachers on how to protect student privacy.

Who owns the materials funded through
We ask that the resource stay with the school, classroom, or student club. We know sometimes multiple students will be involved in creating the project and they may not end up in the same classroom next year, but year after year, the project materials will remain in the classroom to support students’ learning. Learn more about our Materials Ownership Policy.