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Shabby Chic:

Will I get my materials before my winter break?

You can tell us your availability during winter break when you confirm funding for your fully funded project, and we’ll place your order based on the date you select.  Keep in mind, materials can take up to two or three weeks to be delivered to your school.

Otherwise, if your project is fully funded close to or during December we’ll hold your materials until January so packages don’t deliver to closed doors.

If you want to know the latest on all your projects, like whether or not your resources have been ordered, or anything else vital to getting your resources to your classroom, log in to your account and go to your projects page.

For magazine subscriptions see this subscription schedule to find out when you’ll get your magazines, once your project is fully funded.

Please note: You may start to receive order updates starting in December for some vendors. Don’t worry, these materials will arrive safely at your school in January as expected. December updates will come from AKJ Education, Blick Art Materials, Carolina Biological, LEGO Education, Ward’s Science, and Woodwind and Brasswind.