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Submitting a project for special event or occasion

Since it can take anywhere from four minutes to four months for a project to be fully funded, we want to make sure you’ll have enough time to receive your materials, implement your project, take photos, and have your students write thank-you notes no matter when the project is funded. We encourage teachers to submit projects that can be carried out at any time during the current school year rather than for a specific occasion or upcoming event that might be time sensitive. Keep in mind that materials cannot be purchased until after your project is fully funded and we ask teachers to allot a month for ordering and delivery. For an idea of when your materials might arrive, see our ordering schedule.

As you create a request, also keep our ordering breaks in mind and consider how they might affect your ability to complete a project.

If your project is fully funded and you cannot utilize the materials due to their seasonality, please decline funding when we ask you to confirm your project materials. When you do that, we’ll send any donations from your friends and family to you as DonorsChoose.org gift codes for your next project, and we’ll reach out to any other donors to determine how they would like to reallocate their donation.