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Terms of Use highlights for teachers

We know legal documents like our user agreement can be dense, and let's be honest - how many of us read all the fine print? So we've created this overview of the most important clauses for teachers. Just remember: any user of our site is expected to abide by the full list of terms in our Terms of Use.

User Agreement Highlights for Teachers: 

  • Don't set up an account if you aren't eligible. You must be a full-time educator currently employed at a public school. Learn more.
  • Use one teacher account. You can only have one account, and you must be the only person accessing your account and taking any action.
  • Send us original work. All content that you submit (project essays, thank-you notes and photos) should be created by you and not copied from another source or written for you by someone else.
  • Use funded resources like you said you would. All materials received through DonorsChoose.org must be used/experienced by students for the purpose described in your project essay.
  • Complete your end of the deal. By requesting donations through our site, you agree to provide follow-up for the donors if a project is fully funded. Learn more
  • Tell us how to reach you. We rely on you to keep your contact information current - especially your email - so we can reach you with important updates about your account or projects.

See our Terms of Use for the complete text (also available through the "Terms" link at the bottom of every page on our site).

If we find a violation of any clause in the Terms, DonorsChoose.org reserves the right to close an account and prevent future use of our program.