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Employee matching gifts: Frequently-asked questions

These are answers to commonly asked questions about employee matching gifts. Here are the instructions for submitting matching forms.

My employer lists this matching gift as ‘paid’ - what's the hold up?
A status of "paid" means the employer has approved the match and will include it in the next check they cut. Most employers issue checks on a quarterly basis.

I asked you to apply my matching gift to a specific project - what happened?
When we receive a matching gift, we always issue a gift card to the donor, enabling them to choose exactly where the match should go. We cannot apply matching gifts to specific projects or teachers for you.

Are there any tips on how I can make sure my matching gift is processed successfully?
Yes, there are! The first and last name on your donor account should be identical to the employee name used to submit the matching gift request. If possible, include your original donation ID with the match request. 

Will my employer match my donation to DonorsChoose.org?
Probably. To be certain, check out matchinggifts.com/donorschoose to find their policy, or contact someone in your company's human resources department.