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Calculating the cost of a project

So that you can verify exactly where your donation goes, you can always find the cost breakdown for every classroom project directly on the project page.

Here's how we break it down: Before publicly posting a teacher's project, we first verify that the materials are priced correctly. In addition to the cost of materials, the cost of a project includes shipping, fulfillment and labor costs, and credit card processing fees. A separately listed, suggested donation is also included in the final project price tag. While a donor is not obligated to include this suggested donation at checkout, we'd love for you to consider doing so to support our work and operations!

On rare occasions, the cost of the materials may change between the time a classroom project is created and when it is funded. (This could be due to a change in pricing or a need to use an alternate materials supplier.) If the cost of materials increases, DonorsChoose.org will pay the difference out of its operating funds. If the cost of materials decreases, DonorsChoose.org places the savings in a restricted fund that is used to fund additional classroom projects.