Tips for shopping from Amazon Business in the vendor directory

Shopping for materials from Amazon Business in the vendor directory is very similar to shopping from with a few slight differences. Here are some tips to help you find the best materials for your classroom.

  1. Don't forget to price shop from several vendors in our directory. If Amazon Business has the best price, read the reviews, and check product and seller recommendations before adding an item to your cart.
  2. Digital content including eBooks are not available for purchase from the Amazon Business catalog. You can find a large selection of eBooks and digital courseware from AKJ Books and Britannica Digital Learning in the Vendor Directory.
  3. Only items fulfilled by Amazon Business can be added to projects. Look for the “Prime Eligible” logo on the left side of the search results page to help you when shopping. Items selected from third party sellers will still appear while you shop but will not transfer to your project during checkout. Magazines do not need to be Prime to be added to your cart.*
  4. When changing the quantity of an item already added to a draft project, remove the item from your project and then return to Amazon Business to add the correct quantity before checking out again.

* Magazines ordered from Amazon Business are restricted to quantities of 1. If your request for magazines is fully funded, it will take 6-8 weeks for the subscription to start but it will run for the full calendar year subscription.

Be creative! You can use the vast Amazon Business catalog to get a huge variety of items for your classroom. We’ll ask you to tell us how you plan to use your selected materials in your project essays.

We're still working with the Amazon Business team to test their beta catalog and work out some kinks. If you run into any trouble shopping, contact our team. We'll make sure to resolve your issue as quickly as possible, and we'll use what we learn to continue improving our integration with Amazon Business.