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Reimbursements for a fully funded class trip or visitor project

If you are unable to obtain an invoice from your vendor(s) then you may qualify for a reimbursement. Contact us to explain your situation, as all reimbursements must be pre-approved by a member of the Team.

If your reimbursement has been approved, just follow these three steps to receive reimbursement:

  1. Make your purchase(s) and collect the itemized receipt(s). Our finance team will only be able to provide reimbursement for a receipt showing payment has been made.
  2. Make a photocopy of all receipts for your records. Combine all the receipts into one document to upload.
  3. Log into your account and locate your project under “Projects.” Click on "Upload payment documents and complete payment forms" under the Actions Needed column, and you'll see the areas to upload your receipt and complete the payment form.

Once these steps are complete, our finance team can begin processing your reimbursement.