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Tracking information for your fully funded materials

Any information we receive about the status of your order is available on the order status page. To access this page, sign in to your account and click on the "Order status" link below the title of a fully funded project.


You may not see a tracking number for your order if the vendor has yet to ship the item, used a shipping method that does not allow for tracking, or is having the item shipped directly from the manufacturer. If you don't see tracking information for some or all of the materials for your project, please follow these guidelines before reporting the issue.

You will also receive an email once we receive a ship notice from the vendor. These can come in at the time of shipment or soon after, so if you receive an email that your order shipped after you already received your materials, don't worry! Just double check the tracking information, as this was likely a ship notice that was sent retroactively by the vendor.

Read more about when to expect your materials. If you need additional help, please contact us - we’d love to help!