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Vendor options for creating projects

We currently work with a variety of vendors that offer a wide range of educational materials. As we strive to ensure excellent service and operational scalability, vendors must meet rigorous criteria to be part of our system. These criteria include a vendor’s efficiency in resolving order problems, pricing, electronic transaction capabilities, and other requirements to ensure funded projects are fulfilled efficiently. Check out our commonly requested items and vendor list for a better idea of what can be found in our Vendor Directory. To browse vendors’ catalogs begin creating a project. Additionally, you can find your points in the private info section of your account! 

Teachers with 1 to 3 points can submit requests for materials found in the Vendor Directory up to $2000. If you cannot find the specific items you are seeking or the vendor that you are looking for is not listed in the Vendor Directory, we are grateful for your creativity in developing a student project utilizing different or similar items from our available vendors.

Teachers with 3 points can submit field trips or class visitor requests at any price point.

Teachers with 4 or more points can submit projects at any price point from the Vendor Directory.

Teachers with 6 or more points can request resources from any vendor. Special Request projects are much more time and labor intensive for DonorsChoose.org to screen and fulfill, and they also require more communication with teachers, so our system enables teachers to make these requests after they have earned six or more points. Learn more about Special Requests.