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Which schools can use DonorsChoose.org?

In accordance with our mission, DonorsChoose.org is focused on providing resources to U.S. public schools in the 50 states serving PreK-12 students. Only full-time teachers in these schools are eligible to request funding through our site.

Answer these prompts to determine whether DonorsChoose.org can serve your school:

Is your school a Head Start center or U.S. public school operated by a local school district or charter organization? 



I'm not sure


 What grade levels does your school primarily serve?


Pre-k and younger

Adult Education


Does your school fit one of the following categories?

A nonprofit school

State or county-run public K-12 school

An education program associated with a public agency (e.g. detention center, juvenile facility)

Head Start program

Charter school

District-approved choice school



K-12 Public (including state, county and charter-run) Schools

Your school should be listed on our site.

If you are eligible to create an account, you'll have a chance to find your school during the registration process. If your school is non-traditional or brand new, you may need to request to add your school during the registration process.



Let us know a bit more about your program by contacting us with a link to your school/program website.