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Shabby Chic:

What happens to my project when it's under review?

Congrats on creating your first project! Once you've clicked "Submit," our team of trained teacher volunteers will jump into action to review your project and make sure it fits our project guidelines. They’ll also make sure that you've selected the right materials and included all the necessary information to accurately represent your project and engage donors.

Here's some more information about that review process:

When will my project be posted?

To make sure your project is posted as quickly as possible, be sure you carefully complete your project  and accurately provide all requested information. We'll review your project within 5 days of the date you submitted it.

Once your project has been reviewed, you will receive an email either:

  1. Letting you know that your project has been approved and posted, or
  2. Providing suggestions for improvements and requesting resubmission.

I was told my project needed some improvements. How do I make those changes?

We want to make sure everything is squared away with your project before it's posted and available to all the donors on our site. Thanks for jumping in to make those requested revisions!

Here's how to make changes to your project:

  1. Log in to your teacher account, and click on your name in the top right corner. Select "Projects" from the drop-down menu.
  2. Scroll down the page until you see the "Draft Projects" section and select the project you'd like to make changes to.
  3. Using the email our teacher volunteers sent you as a guide, make changes to the section that needed some extra changes.
  4. Not sure which step needs the changes? To change your materials, select "Go Shopping." To change your cart summary, select "Summarize cart."To change your essay, select "Tell Your Story." To change your classroom photo, select "Photo and title."
  5. Once you've made changes, click on the final step: "Review and submit." Click "Submit." 

Once you've clicked "Submit," our team of teacher volunteers will give your project a second look to make sure everything looks ready to go!

I was told my project needed some changes, but I'm unclear on what to do. How can I get help?

We sent you an email letting you know the improvements our team of teacher volunteers suggested. Just respond to that email--you'll reach our team directly, and we'll be happy to help give you some more info to help out!