Today is #GivingTuesday!

Give to any project or teacher today to receive one entry into our #GivingTuesday GIVEaway. See details on the #GivingTuesday GIVEaway here.

Will I get my materials before the school year ends?

Choose to have your resources sent when you need them. You can tell us your availability when you confirm funding for your fully funded project, and we’ll place your order based on the date you select. Just to make sure everything gets where it should, we’ll also email your principal that resources are on the way.


Otherwise, if your project is fully funded close to or during summer break we’ll hold your materials until the start of the next school year. We’ll order your resources at the beginning of the next school year so packages don’t deliver to closed doors.

If you’re moving schools, just update your school address in your teacher account under the Public info section.

Do this before your project is fully funded, and we’ll ship your resources to your new school at the start of the 2018-2019 school year. We’ll also give you a chance to confirm your current school when your project is fully funded.

If you want to know the latest on all your projects, like whether or not your resources have been ordered, or anything else vital to getting your resources to your classroom, log in to your account and go to your projects page.

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