Spring and Summer Ordering Schedule

When to Expect Your Materials

Did you have a project funded in late spring? If so, we’ll order your resources at the beginning of the next school year so packages don’t perform a disappearing act over the summer. We hold all new and replacement orders starting 35 days before the last student day of the school year since most vendors can take up to 3 weeks to ship.  

Do you need your materials before the next school year? If you are not changing schools and need your materials over the summer, you can tell us your availability when you confirm your project, and we’ll place your order based on the date you select.

Create and Confirm Funding for Your Project

Summer is a great time to think about new projects for the upcoming school year! Continue to post projects, and be sure to confirm your funding so you receive your materials when your students return for the 2017-2018 school year.

Teachers who are Changing Schools

If you’re moving to a new DonorsChoose.org eligible school next year, and you’re continuing as a full-time teacher, you can move forward with completing your project as described. Before confirming your project funding, remember to update your school address in your teacher account under the Public info section. Once you’ve confirmed your project, we’ll ship your resources to your new school at the start of the 2017-2018 school year.

Magazine Orders

Magazine subscriptions for fully funded project previously ordered will continue to be delivered according to the vendor's subscription schedule.

Project Materials: Items that need replacements

Sometimes, materials become unavailable for a project and a school has already entered summer ordering schedule. This happens when a vendor could not ship an item when we placed your order. During the summer, if your school is closed, we'll send you a replacement form when your students return again.

Please contact us if you need additional support with your replacement materials or have additional delivery questions.