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Reasons your teacher account might be deactivated

A teacher account can be deactivated for different reasons:

  • Inactivity (no login) for 2 or more years
  • We didn’t receive confirmation accepting or rejecting funding for a project
  • We didn’t receive a Thank-You Package for a funded project
  • Account has fewer than zero points (due to point penalties)
  • Any violation of our user agreement

We don’t like when this happens, but if your teacher account is deactivated, it means that you'll no longer be able to post projects and receive donations for your classroom through DonorsChoose.org. It also means you won't receive any more emails about our teacher-related initiatives.

With the exception of accounts inactive for 2+ years, we'll always contact you by email and/or phone before your account is deactivated.

If your account has been deactivated and you think there's been an error, please tell us! You can contact our team and we'll be happy to work with you to figure out the issue.