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School principal involvement with DonorsChoose.org

School principals aren't able to submit projects on DonorsChoose.org (see our eligibility criteria) and don't have the same responsibilities as teachers. But we do rely on them in a few key ways to help ensure that a project runs smoothly: 

Principals receive an email or a fax every time we order materials for a fully funded project. We ask them to let us know if a teacher is no longer at the school or isn't able to carry out the project. 

  • If we don't receive a Thank-you Package on time, we contact the principal 25 days after the Thank-You Package due date to find out if there are circumstances we're not aware of that could be preventing us from connecting with the teacher. 
  • Principals help ensure that materials are given to the teacher who requested them when they arrive at the school and they're used in the classroom as intended. 
  • In a situation where a teacher is moving to a new public school classroom, we ask the principal to provide consent to teachers who would like to take their materials with them. 
  • DonorsChoose.org conducts periodic audits to verify that teachers meet our eligibility criteria, and to find out how funded materials are being used in the classroom. Principals may receive an email or phone call if a teacher from their school is randomly selected for this purpose. 
  • Principals can also opt in to receive additional reporting, join our newsletter and stay up to date about special offers that teachers could benefit from through the principals page

While principal involvement is optional, we encourage teachers to keep their principals in the loop about any projects posted on our site and any funded materials that are being delivered to the school. That way, they can see all the hard work you put in to obtain resources for your students!