#BestSchoolDay: When to expect my materials (Updated 4/18/2018)

On March 28, 2018, Ripple fully funded every single live DonorsChoose.org classroom project with the largest single donation in our history. Over 35,000 projects were funded in one enormous $29 million dollar act of generosity!

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Additional costs included in the project price tag

In addition to the cost of the materials themselves, the pricing of each project includes:

  1. The cost of shipping (an informed estimate from the individual vendor(s) supplying materials for this project), sales tax (where applicable; most, but not all, states exempt nonprofits from sales tax), the cost of fulfillment labor and materials ($30), and the surcharge assessed by the credit card processor (2%).

  2. An optional donation to support DonorsChoose.org which is calculated at 15% of the project's price tag.

The optional donation supports the work we do to engage teachers, build awareness, and to generally run DonorsChoose.org. Our big hairy audacious goal is to generate $100 million in donations per year for public schools. To do that we need a world-class website supported by strong business systems and processes that improve over time. Our efficiency has earned DonorsChoose.org the top 4-star rating from Charity Navigator every year we've been rated.

We give donors transparency and control when it comes to supporting our lean operation. During the checkout process, donors can choose whether or not to include this optional donation to support our work.