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Converting an email or web page into a document you can upload

On a PC

If the information will fit on one screen, press the PRINT SCREEN button on your keyboard (usually displayed as PRT SC and located in the top right section of the keyboard). Then open a new Word document, select EDIT, and then PASTE. If the image seems too small, you can enlarge it with your mouse, making sure that it remains clear. Save the document to your desktop and follow the directions for Attachment.

If the information does not fit on one screen, print the email and follow the directions for Paper.

On a Mac

If the information fits on one screen, you can take a screenshot by pressing the COMMAND + SHIFT + 3 keys. Your Mac will automatically save the screenshot to your Desktop. Just select this screenshot when uploading a file.

For both PC and Mac, another option is to highlight the information you need, copy and paste it into a new document, save this document to your desktop, and then follow the directions for Attachment. However, make sure you are able to copy and paste the vendor information as well, so we can verify that the document came from an official source.