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Customizing your teacher page

Your teacher page showcases all of your live and completed DonorsChoose.org projects. It's an easy way to share what you're up to with members of your community! When you don't have a project posted, donors will also be able to send you a DonorsChoose.org gift card to help out with future projects.

How do I find my teacher page?

To find your teacher page, log in to DonorsChoose.org and go to the tab labeled "Teaching details." You'll see a link to your public profile at the top left corner! Click that link, and you'll see what all your donors see when they visit your page.

How to customize your teacher page URL

When you first sign up for DonorsChoose.org, you'll be assigned a unique URL so you can share your teacher page far and wide. That URL starts with donorschoose.org/we-teach/ and then goes into a series of numbers specific to you. It makes sure that no one else has the same URL as you--but we know it's not exactly catchy.

Want to make your teacher page easy to link to and remember? Here's how to change it:

  1. Log in to DonorsChoose.org and click on your name in the top right corner. Select "Teaching details" from the drop-down menu.
  2. In the top right corner, you'll see the words PUBLIC PROFILE URL. Beside that is a blue link labeled "Customize." Click that link.
  3. In the white box, type what you'd like your new URL to be. We have some suggestions there in case you need some inspiration!
  4. Click "Check availability" to make sure your desired URL is free and ready to use. A message will pop up saying "The custom url is available" if no one has chosen that URL yet. (If you get the message "The custom url is not available," try another option.)
  5. If a message pops up saying "The custom url is available!", click the green "Save web address" button.

That's it! Give our system about five minutes to update, and then feel feel free to give your shiny new URL a spin.

How to customize your welcome message

When your donors go to your teacher page, they see a welcome message from you. This is a great chance for you to make sure that they're getting a peek into what makes your classroom special!

Here's how you can add your welcome message:

  1. Log in to DonorsChoose.org and click on your name in the top right corner. Select "Teaching details" from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click on your URL under PUBLIC PROFILE URL.
  3. Towards the left, you'll see "Edit classroom description." Click there to enter information about your students.
  4. Click the green "Save welcome message" button. 

That's it! You're welcome to go back and revise that message any time you'd like.

Not sure what to write? Here's an example from Mrs. Holzweiss's teacher page, where she uses this space to really make her classroom mission clear:

With your support, my students will become the 21st century learners that I know that they have the potential to be. They are the "little engines that can." The middle school years are a crucial time in a child's development. I'm a teacher, but even I hated being in the junior high (I'm aging myself!) when I was a kid. I am on a mission to reignite that spark that my students once had when they first began going to school. I want them to develop a sense of curiosity and innovation, because our future is in their hands. Waiting for students to go to the high school is too late. They need to begin thinking now about the possibilities of careers and colleges. I need to help them realize that their decisions today will shape their paths for tomorrow. Your support will help me complete my mission.

Or check out this example from Mr. Gutierrez's teacher page, where he gives a brief and powerful explanation of why donations to his classroom are so precious:

I teach third grade in an inner city school where resources are scarce. Students in my classroom are excited to learn. They have a desire to learn how to read and are curious students. You can connect students to learning through providing them with educational resources that inspire, motivate and equip them to be life-long learners.