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Changing the essay or materials after a project is posted

Since we want to have a consistent resource for potential donors when reviewing your project, our website doesn't allow essays to be modified.

If you need to modify your project, here's what you can do:

Text changes: If you would like to modify the text of your title or essay, contact us with the specific changes you'd like to make and we'll do our best to meet your needs.
Materials changes: Due to the way our site integrates with vendors, we are unable to modify the materials for a project in any way. If you need to request different materials, you can remove your project and re-post it with modified materials by taking the following steps:

  1. Remove your project through your account page. (Any donations will be returned to donors who can choose to give them to you as gift cards or keep them as account credits to use towards a new project.)
  2. Find the project in the archive section of your account and copy the essay you wrote.
  3. Click "Create a project" to start a new project. You'll need to shop for the materials again (with any modifications you need), but you can enter the same essay from the original version. This new version will be reviewed by our screeners and posted on the site with a new ID number.