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Whether or not to accept funding for a fully funded project

We hope that you can use your materials, but there are certain scenarios that might affect whether you should confirm or decline funding for your fully funded project:

You already acquired some or all of the materials requested in your project
If you can still use the requested materials to enhance your students' educational experience, you should accept the funding for your project. If not, you should decline the funding. If you decline, we'll notify your donors so that they can choose how they'd like to reallocate their donation (if donors are your friends or family, we’ll send their donations to you automatically as DonorsChoose.org gift codes for your next project). Don’t worry, though! Your account status/standing will not be affected by declining funding.

You’re changing schools (and headed to teach full time at another U.S. public school)
If you can still use the materials requested in your project in your new classroom, you can update your account, then accept the funding. Here's how:

  • Log into your teacher account and go to your Public info section.
  • You'll see your currently listed school - Click "update school information" to select a new school.
  • Find your new school using our search tool.
  • Once you've selected your new school and saved this change, make sure your Public info section reflects this.
  • You can then go to your Projects section and use the "Confirm funding" link to confirm funding.

If you're unable to find your new school in our database or the shipping info for your new school is incorrect, you'll be able to submit a request to have your school added or updated. Your fully funded project will be placed on hold while we're updating this information. Once that is complete, we'll un-suspend your project and notify you so that you can move forward with confirming your project at that time.

You’re going on extended leave
If you aren’t able to move forward with your project now, you should decline funding. We encourage you to submit a new project once you’re back in the classroom for the items you need at that time.

You're no longer planning to teach full time
If you cannot complete the classroom project, you should decline funding.

Contact our team if you have any questions!