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Partnering as a vendor with DonorsChoose.org

To ensure our operations remain scalable as we grow, we have very specific requirements for the vendors who are integrated directly into our shopping process. At this time, we are serving our teacher needs through our integrated vendors and our special request process.

If you are not an integrated vendor, please read below for how we can work with you as a special request vendor.

DonorsChoose.org Special Request Process

Our special request process allows teachers with previous experience on DonorsChoose.org to request resources from vendors outside of our integrated vendor directory.

If you are working directly with teachers who are interested in requesting materials on our site from your company, the fastest option would be to direct them to our special request process. Teachers who would like to request materials as a special request can learn more by visiting our help center or contacting us directly.

Some quick tips on our special request process:

  1. If resources from your company cannot be easily purchased online, then teachers will need another payment document from you such as an invoice, purchase order, or quote. You can learn more about our special request payment requirements here.
  2. It’s helpful to us if we’re able to create an account on your website when placing an order. This allows us to keep all orders for DonorsChoose.org teachers under one account and quickly find order updates when we need too.
  3. We are currently tax exempt in several states. By incorporating our tax exemptions into your price quotes and invoices, you'll help teachers have a seamless experience.

Re-selling through one of our Integrated Vendors

If you are interested in working with any of our integrated vendors on a re-seller agreement that will make your products available through their customized DonorsChoose.org punchout you can pursue a reseller agreement with them directly. 

If you have or pursue an Amazon reseller agreement, please note that we only allow items that are Fulfilled by Amazon and Prime Eligible in teacher projects.


Thank you for your dedication and commitment to improving public school education for teachers and students across the country!