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Archiving a project

An archived project is a record of your original project request. Archived projects cannot be edited or re-posted because our system does not allow us to re-open closed requests. Because of problems caused by outdated materials and project information, every draft must be started fresh, submitted within 30 days, and reviewed by the DonorsChoose.org team prior to posting.

Projects may be archived for the following reasons:

  • A project draft has not been modified within 30 days.
  • Action is needed for a project and the teacher has not responded to our communication attempts.
  • A teacher removes the project from the “live” site or there are circumstances that prevent the project from moving forward.

Don't worry! If your project is archived, you can still access your essay and a list of the requested materials through your teacher account. Just click on the project title for easy access to this information. You're welcome to reference it to create and submit a new project.