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Guidelines to return/exchange materials from DonorsChoose.org

Please check all materials as soon as you receive them.

Our vendors can't accept returns or exchanges for materials without our approval and they can't accept returns for items brought to a retail location. This policy ensures donations to your project are used as your donors intended.

Contact us if:

  • an item arrives damaged or isn't functional when you try to use it. We'll work with our vendors to provide an exact replacement. It's important to contact us right away when this happens since vendors have different return policies, some with strict time frames.
  • a vendor selects a replacement item that doesn't meet your needs. Sometimes vendors ship a different version or model when the original item is unavailable. Let us know if you receive a vendor replacement you cannot use in your classroom and we'll help you exchange the item(s).

Contact the manufacturer directly if an item breaks after use. Our vendors typically ask teachers to contact the manufacturer in these cases, so you can save time by reaching out to the manufacturer directly.

If your situation doesn't fit one of the above scenarios, please consider the following restrictions that apply to any return or exchange:

  • Items listed in your project request cannot be exchanged for different items, store credit, cash, etc. DonorsChoose.org and our vendors strictly adhere to this policy to ensure transparency and integrity for the donors who chose to support your project.
  • If it's been over 30 days since an item was delivered (according to the tracking information provided by the vendor), it's unlikely we can resolve any problems with an order, due to our vendors' time restrictions for returns and exchanges.

For further questions about returns and exchanges, contact our team!