Requesting materials through

Teachers can request student-centered materials needed to support student instruction, including classroom materials, field trips, and classroom visitors. You will be able to start shopping for specific items once you begin a project draft. Check out where to find commonly requested items for ideas!

You may ask for any resource that will help students learn, but your project must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. All requested resources must be used by students or directly provide a student experience.
  2. The proposal cannot foster discrimination or proselytize a religious or political viewpoint.
  3. The request must be appropriate to your school. (e.g. if your school only uses PC computers, you should request that type.)
  4. Costs of labor, capital improvements to the school or grounds, vehicle purchases, or royalty/rental fees may not be requested through does not specify a dollar limit for projects, and some ambitious proposals have been funded. That said, the less a proposal costs, the more likely it is to be funded.

Finally, we encourage teachers to submit projects that can be carried out at any time during the school year, as it can take anywhere from four minutes to four months for a project to be fully funded.

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