Using a promo code when purchasing a gift card

There are different kinds of promo codes, so whether or not you can use a promo code when purchasing a gift card will depend on the kind of promo code you have.

If you have a promo code that does match gift card purchases, however, here's how it works: as soon as you make your purchase, we’ll send a gift card in the amount of your donation to the requested recipient along with a second gift card representing the matching funds. You can also access this second gift card through your account.

You can access a matching gift card in one of two ways:

  • Open your emailed donation receipt. A link to the PDF gift card should be included, if applicable.
  • Log into your donor account and go to “Giving History.” You’ll see your original gift card purchase listed, as well as the PDF gift card representing your match. You can either download it or redeem it yourself, or press the “send” button, and we'll give you a link to the PDF gift card which you can easily email to someone else.