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Celebs, Inventors Fund Public Schools in New Campaign - March 2016



Teachers Give an A+ to Crowdfunding for Essential School Supplies - August 2015



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Way Before Kickstarter, DonorsChoose Helped Teachers” - August 2015


Teachers Give Crowdfunding an A+ - September 2014


Back to School Surprise: Random Acts of Kindness” - August 2015


Windy City Live: Week of 1,000 Surprises” - September 2015



WUSA9 announces ‘Teachers are Superheroes’ campaign” - June 2015


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Learn How to be a Microphilanthropist - March 2014



Hacking Education: Open Data Unleashed - February 2014


A Big Surprise for a Kindergarten Teacher - February, 2014



Back to School, but Without Books in Mississippi - August 2013



Teachers Battle Budget Crunch With Their Own Money - August 2013


Kickstarter for Classrooms - June 2013


Tech Game Changers (Charles Best) - October 2012


Basic School Supplies, Glue Sticks, Tablets? - September 2012


The World's Most Innovative Companies - February 2011


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Helping Kids One Crayon at a Time - November 2009



Schoolkids Get What Donors Choose - May 2007


Novel Program Blends Charity And Marketing - December 2006


Building Better Schools, One Gluestick at a Time - November 2005