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Shabby Chic:

Public display of teacher last names

As a teacher, you have the option to choose how your name is displayed on

Why displaying your last name is recommended:

  • Website visitors already familiar with your classroom can more easily find and support your projects.
  • We’ve learned that potential donors are more likely to give if they clearly understand who and what they're supporting—so we believe more of our first-time site visitors will make a contribution if they see the real name of a teacher versus an anonymous initial.

How to update your display name:

  1. Log into your teacher account and click the "Public info" tab.
  2. There you will see the Display Name section and you can enter your preferred option.
  3. It may take up to 15 minutes for you to see any change take effect on our site. Your display name will be updated in the following places:
    • Any search listing or other page on our site that features your project(s)
    • All of your project pages (including completed projects with student photos)
    • Your public page
    • Your school’s page (features every teacher at your school)

A note about privacy:

Before making this option available, we consulted an online safety expert. The expert confirmed that with our existing guidelines and screening procedure for classroom photos, providing this additional detail—which could dramatically increase the chances of a project being funded—won't compromise the safety of you or your students.

However, we know that every classroom is different and that some teachers have specific safety concerns for themselves and their students. We hope you'll consider the benefits of this new option as well as the additional exposure it creates, and choose the display that makes the most sense for you.