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Creating a class trip or visitor project

We’re so excited you’re ready to create a project! Below are some guidelines to keep in mind when planning your trip or visitor project.


  • Events must take place during the current school year and within 2-8 months from the day you submit your project.
  • If your trip or visitor has a deposit or payment due before the event date, use that date as your event date when submitting the project.

Project Cost:

  • You’ll need to upload payment document(s) for the major costs of your project, such as the activity and transportation.
  • Partial Cost Projects: You can submit a trip or visitor project for less than the total cost of your event as long as you can guarantee the remaining amount is being paid for by other means. Please include this information in your project essay so your donors and our team know that you only need partial funding.
  • Trips only: For costs where a payment document is not available (e.g. food or souvenirs), we'll ask you or your school to agree to be reimbursed for those purchases. Learn more about reimbursements for fully funded projects.

Ineligible Items: