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When to begin your thank-you package

We ask that you wait until you receive your materials before beginning your thank-you package. Providing timely feedback to donors is important, but uploading the digital portions of your thank-you package before you receive the majority of your materials can actually have a negative effect on donors. Here's why:

  • For donors who don't qualify to receive student thank-you letters, the project photos and impact letter are the only way they hear back from you. To give every donor a good experience - and hopefully keep them coming back to support other projects! - we want to make their experience just as incredible as those who receive handwritten thank-you notes.

  • Displaying photos of the actual items that were purchased for your project provides credibility and builds trust among donors, so they know their funds were used for the intended purpose.

  • The impact letter is your opportunity to give donors specific examples of the ways your students have actually used the new resources.

Any project photos and/or impact letters that are posted before your materials have been delivered will be removed, and you'll be asked to submit them again once you receive your materials. A point may also be deducted from your account. Remember: if you find you can't start your project and provide your photos and impact letter before your due date, you can always request an extension.

Thanks in advance for your help in providing genuine and inspiring feedback to your donors!