How it works: Half-off opportunities

A half-off opportunity is a way for a corporation or foundation to cut the cost of a project in half, by helping a project reach its funding goal as long as other donors fund the first 50%.

Here's how it works: 

  • The corporation or foundation selects the eligibility criteria for projects (by subject area, school location, etc).
  • Teachers submit projects at Once projects are approved and posted, all projects that meet the given criteria automatically qualify for the half-off opportunity, making the project "half-off" for donors. There is no special application process for consideration.
  • Using our website’s technology, projects that qualify for this 50% match offer will appear on the site as half-off with the foundation or corporate logo on the project page. However, funding is only applied to projects if citizens fund the other 50% before the grant runs out or before the project expires.

For example, the Bailey Building & Loan Association has decided to put up a $25,000 half-off offer for all classroom projects in Bedford Falls. Ms. Hatch teaches in Bedford Falls, and although her project costs $500, it is listed as needing only $250 thanks to the offer. Once the remaining $250 is given by other donors, it "unlocks" the Bailey half-off offer, the funding is applied, and the project is fully funded.

However, if Ms. Hatch's project does not receive the remaining $250 in donations before the entire $25,000 grant is spent out on other Bedford Falls projects, then the Half-off offer is withdrawn from her project. If this is the case, the Bailey logo will disappear from her project page and the project price will return to its original amount.

A list of current funding opportunities is distributed to all registered teachers monthly via our teacher newsletter. Check it out! You can also view these opportunities on our match offers page.

Know a company or foundation that would consider sponsoring a Half-off offer?