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Teacher responsibilities when using DonorsChoose.org

For an overview of how it works, first check out the Teacher Tutorial.

After you submit a project, we rely on you to:

  • Visit your account often so you know what's happening with your projects.
  • Update your personal and school information if anything changes.

If your project is fully funded:

  • You'll get an email titled: "Your Project is FUNDED!" Click on the link in the email and confirm you still want the materials ASAP.
  • We will then purchase the materials and have them delivered to your school, or provide the instructions on paying for your experience. After your materials have been purchased or experience has been paid for, you’ll receive the thank-you package instructions on your account. Follow these directions to thank your donors.
  • We'll ask you to:
  1. Collect permission slips from your students’ parents allowing you to take photos of them using the materials or during the experience.
  2. Upload and publish your 6 best project photos online.
  3. Upload and publish your impact letter online.
  4. Print out a pre-paid mailing label to send your student thank-you notes to our office.