Teacher responsibilities when using DonorsChoose.org

For an overview of how it works, first check out the Teacher Tutorial.

After you submit a project, we rely on you to:

  • Visit your teacher account often so you know what's happening with your projects.
  • Update your personal and school information if anything changes.

If your project is fully funded:

  • You'll get an email titled: "Your Project is FUNDED!" Click on the link in the email and confirm you still want the materials ASAP.
  • We will then purchase the materials and have them delivered to your school. After your materials have been purchased, a Thank-You Instructions link will appear next to that project's title on your teacher account page, so you can make a Thank-You Package for your donors.
  • We'll ask you to:
      1. Collect permission slips from your students’ parents allowing you to take photos of your students using the materials
      2. Upload and publish your 6 best project photos online
      3. Upload and publish your Teacher Impact Letter online
      4. Print out a pre-paid mailing label to send your student thank-you letters