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Is my role or position eligible for DonorsChoose.org?

Your role is eligible to create projects on DonorsChoose.org if you work in an eligible school and:

  • Are employed full-time by the school district or the Office of Head Start
  • Are a front-line educator who works directly with students at least 75% of the time
    • Front-line educators can include: classroom teachers, librarians, therapists, guidance counselors, school nurses and teachers who also act as coaches at the school where they teach.
  • Work primarily in a single school (but no more than three schools)

Your role is not currently eligible to create projects on DonorsChoose.org if you:

  • Are a principal, assistant principal, or administrators
  • Are an instructional coach/teacher developer
  • Are a parent (including PTA members)
  • Are a teachers' assistant, paraprofessional, or student teacher
  • Are a substitute teacher, a part-time teacher, an after-school teacher
  • Are working in an Early Head Start classroom


Does your role meet all the criteria listed above? What are you waiting for! We know you’ve got tons of ideas that will help your students, so as long as you fit this criteria, register for an account on DonorsChoose.org!

Does your role not fit into these criteria perfectly? At DonorsChoose.org, we understand that many roles don’t always perfectly match our definitions. Feel free to write in and tell us where you’re employed and we’ll be happy to provide more specific guidance, and see if we can find a way to get your great ideas on the site.