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Understanding the points system

DonorsChoose.org uses a point system to help teachers submit successful requests and to ensure we can process the number of projects coming in to our site at any given time.

As a new DonorsChoose.org teacher, you start with 3 points in your account. This means you can submit up to three small projects at once. As you earn more points, you’ll be able to request a wider, more expensive range of resources. Depending on the project type, you spend from 1 to 6 points to submit a project. Each time a project is fully funded, you can earn up to 3 points by:

  1. Logging in ASAP and confirming that you still need the materials for your project.
  2. Sending your student thank-you notes to our office before your due date.
  3. Uploading digital photos and an impact letter to thank your donors before your due date.

A teacher can lose points by failing to fulfill his/her responsibilities as outlined above. Should your account fall below 0 points and you have followed all of our guidelines, please contact our team.