Transferring donations from one project to another

We cannot transfer donations made directly to a live project for any reason, including any situation where your project has received funding but it cannot move forward (e.g. it expired with partial funding, you chose to remove it from the site, or you no longer need the materials which were funded). In this situation, we give each donor the chance to reallocate their funds as they see fit.

In accordance with the mission of, we leave all funding decisions up to our donors. Because we don’t know what made a donor give to a specific project to begin with - he/she may have identified with a specific book, picked a project that reminded him/her of a relative, chosen to support a school because he/she grew up in the same town, or made a choice based on a variety of other factors - we give donors the chance to reallocate funds to a new project based on their own desires.

Please note that if you have solicited donations for your project and the funds are returned to the donors, you are welcome to ask your contacts to reallocate their funds to another of your projects or to your classroom in the form of a gift card.