Celebrating the most innovative teachers on February 28!

Fast Company just named DonorsChoose.org one of 2019’s Most Innovative Companies — so we’re celebrating the world’s most innovative teachers!

Contacting a teacher

Sorry, Charlie. For privacy reasons, we cannot share the contact information of our teachers. However, you can always post a comment to a project you've supported, and we'll automatically email the teacher letting them know.

To do this, simply log in to your account (If you did not create a password when you made your donation, you'll need to that first via this link), and then find the project that you'd like to post a comment on. You can find a list of projects you've supported in your Giving History.

Visit the project page and you'll see a text box above all other comments where you can post your message. Or, click "Are you looking for your annual receipt and detailed giving history?" on your Giving History tab, find the project you'd like to post on, and click the link that says "add message." You should be all set!