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Giving through a donor advised fund

We're thrilled that many of our donors are choosing to give in this way. Here's how you can give through a donor advised fund (DAF):

  1. Put together your donation. Find projects you'd like to support on our site, enter donation amounts, and add project donations to your cart. You can also buy gift cards or account credits.
  2. Head to checkout and choose "Donor Advised Fund" as your payment option. You'll find this option by clicking "Other" when asked for your payment method. This is not a legally binding pledge, so your donor advised fund is ok with it. (We checked.) 
  3. Take note of your donation ID, so that you can include it on your grant recommendation form. This is essential when giving through a donor advised fund, as it is the only way we can ensure the funds reach your selected projects or gift card/account credit purchases. 
  4. Submit your grant recommendation right away. After the funding arrives, we’ll apply your donation toward the projects/gift cards/account credits you’ve selected. If any of the projects no longer need funding, we’ll deposit your donation into your account as credits so that you can choose other projects to support.
    *If your DAF is Fidelity Charitable or Greater Kansas City CF, you'll be able to submit your request electronically through our website.*

Here are grant recommendation forms for the following donor advised funds:

Vanguard Charitable (online)

Schwab Charitable (online) or (pdf)

Use this information when completing the donation form for your donor advised fund:

Organization name: DonorsChoose.org
Employee ID: 13-4129457
Mailing Address: 134 W. 37th St., 11th Floor | New York, NY | 10018
Contact: Financial Operations | 212-239-3615 | info@donorschoose.org