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Charitable bequests

Thank you so much for considering DonorsChoose.org as a legacy gift. You can indeed do this by naming DonorsChoose.org as a beneficiary in your will or as a direct beneficiary on a retirement account or insurance policy.

By giving to DonorsChoose.org, you’ll be able to choose to support a specific school, subject, or grade level you care about. Without specific instructions, we’ll spend the funds on the most urgent classroom project requests. Here is some suggested language you can use:

I bequeath to DonorsChoose.org (www.donorschoose.org, Federal tax id: 13-4129457), the sum of $___________. My intention is that the funds are to be spent on (location, school, subject area, grade level) classroom projects on its site.

While making a charitable legacy gift is as easy as using the sample language above, we also suggest you speak with your attorney or financial advisor. If you have any questions about leaving a legacy gift to DonorsChoose.org, please feel free to reach out to our Chief Financial Officer, Geoff Hill at: geoff@donorschoose.org

Thank you again on behalf of the entire organization and of course, our teachers and students.